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Outside Check

Exterior Inspection of the House

  • Visual inspection of the exterior of building walking entire perimeter checking windows, doors, and sides of the house for any potential issues

  • Check for signs of forced entry and any damage to doors and windows

  • Has there been any weather-related damage

  • Make sure all the doors and windows are closed/locked, the security system remains activated

  • Check the property for flyers and items left at the front door and the driveway. Remove unwanted items

  • Check the mailbox and bring in the mail (if applicable)

  • Forward important letters or packages as requested

  • Inspection of landscaping and lawn to see that they are being properly maintained by contracted services (lawn service, snow removal)

  • Water your lawn, garden and flower pots (if applicable)

  • Check for signs of pest and insect infestation around the exterior of the home

  • Check exterior lights


Interior Inspection of the House

  • Walk the interior perimeter of the house and check for problems

  • Check under all sinks for leaks

  • Flush and brush all toilets

  • Check air conditioning/heating for proper operation

  • Check thermostat settings

  • Change air filters if required

  • Water interior plants (if applicable)

  • Check ceilings, walls, and skylights for any signs of roof leaks

  • Look for signs of mold/moisture

  • Check the basement for leaks

  • Check hot water heater for any signs of leaks

  • Check for signs of pest and insect infestation in your home

  • Start and run the car(s) during the inspection (if applicable)


Other Services



Optional additional services include:

  • Home Entry

We can be available to provide access to your home for other service and repair providers, deliveries etc. Upon request, we can stay on the property and supervise repairs until the service is finished.

  • House Cleaning 

Blue Owl Home Watch can take care of the house cleaning so that your home is clean and fresh and ready for your enjoyment when you arrive home. Please visit our sister site for more information about house cleaning:




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